End of Season Cricket Renovations 2020


Even though cricket it only just starting, now is the time to start thinking about your renovations. We are strongly recommending that end of season renovations are carried out as normal at the end of this season. We know clubs will potentially have many unused wickets, these unused wickets will actually have higher levels of thatch and weed grasses than used due to not having the clearing out process the grass goes through in wicket preparation. A build up of thatch and weed grass varieties will have a serious detrimental effect on the playing surface quality for next season. 


We will be offering our standard cricket square renovation which includes the following:

 - Scarification in 3 directions with the GKB V-Strong.

 - Full square leaf blowing to ensure a totally clean finish.

 - Application of Barenbrug Extreme grass seed at 35g/m2.

 - Application of ICL Greenmaster Pro-Lite Autumn 6-5-10 + 6FE at 35g/m2.

 - Application of Ongar Loam at 200kg (8 bags) per wicket.

 - Levelling.

The only difference from previous renovations is that while we would normally bring 10 bags of Loam per wicket (to leave 2 bags for stock ready for in season repairs next year) we anticipate that many clubs will have a big surplus. As such we will be bringing 8 bags but can provide as many extra as you require.


The squares will need to be prepared as usual by being cut down to around 5-6mm and watered if required. This may be harder work than in normal years as unused pitches are likely to be thicker and harder to cut down. We can offer a square preparation if required, please get in touch for a price.


Due to changes to the end of the season and high demand we will require conformation of any work required as soon as possible. Loam deliveries are likely to be similar in timing to previous years and if well covered it can happily sit on the side of the ground for a few weeks. 


We will be running on a first come first served basis when definite dates are given for last matches.

The earlier this date can be given the closer we will be able to get to your ideal date to get the work complete.

If work is likely to be done later than previous years clubs should seriously consider buying, renting, borrowing a fleece to cover the square once the work is completed. These are used on many vegetable farms and if you have the right contacts farmers are generally happy to lend some to clubs for a few weeks. This fleece keeps moisture in and temperatures up ensuring quick germination so the new grass can develop before the winter months.



We fully understand some clubs may be in a difficult financial situation and will struggle to get end of season works carried out. While we strongly recommend full works to avoid higher future costs, if clubs have a limited budget, we can advise the best way this can be spent to ensure the best possible surfaces for next year.


Verti-draining 6-8 weeks after renovations is also strongly recommended. We will have capacity this Autumn to carry out outfield renovations such as scarification and Overseeding and will also be offering a ‘Koro’ full surface removal to remove all organic matter from your square and start again. Please get in touch for prices for these extra works. 

For all pricing and any further information, please email Lydia at accounts@parkerspitches.co.uk